Goliath Creations = Gholiath Creations

Web Design and Computer Support

Goliath Creations is actually Gholiath Creations!

Since we use an unconventional form of the word, this page was created to help catch those who might not find us under our actual website name! The task for us however…. is still the same for you!

Design, development, creation, deployment and hosting as well as PC & Mac computer support.
Gholiath Creations is the place to check out!

Rain run off GargoyleLet Gholiath Creations help you create your website and/or help get your IT needs under control.

In the days of old, rooftop gargoyles were used to help move rain run off into a particular direction. This would prevent the water from building up on rooftops, causing the roof to cave in.

Over the years, they have been revered as watchful protectors!

At Gholiath Creations, we like to think of them as both. A way to get things moving in the right direction as well as a watchful protector. Not to mention we think they look pretty cool too!

Think of Gholiath Creations as your watchful gargoyles!

Waldron Building GargoylesGholiath Creations specializes in:

- Home, Home Office and Small Businesses IT needs
– Website Creation
– Computer Upgrades

- Computer and Virus Repairs
- Project Consulting
– Content Management


What some of our clients say about us:

“Gholiath Creations has always been conscientious, honest and reliable while monitoring the evolution of the website with an unfailing sense of loyalty and dedication to our website development needs!”
- Kristin.J – InItaly.com


“Our website is killer! The look and ease of use is just what we needed! Thanks Gholiath Creations!”
- Dave.M – EndAll.us


“Jeremy, what would I do without you, I tell ya, what a lifesaver, always there for me when I have computer or internet problems!”
- Sheila.S – SDS Accounting